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The KD Skincare Product for your Star Sign


It’s 2018! Let’s vow to branch out this year. Are you interested in trying a new skincare product for this trip around the sun? Are you unsure of what you should try? I’ve paired your star sign with the KD product that you should buy! Now that I have free shipping, it’s the perfect time to try the products that you’ve always been interested in!

  • Capricon (Dec23-Jan20): Capricorns are practical and disciplined. That’s why they should order a product that should be a major staple in every skincare routine, a great moisturizer. My Restorative Biotherapy Moisturizer has ceramides and stem cell growth factors to hydrate and replenish the skin! And lucky you – it’s on special this month!
  • Aquarius (Jan21-Feb19): As an Aquarius, you are friendly, honest, and original. You should try one of my newest products – my Ultra Glow Peel Pads! These pads contain glycolic acid and are one of a kind, like you! Use them once or twice before you go to bed to wake up with fresh glowing skin. 
  • Pisces (Feb20-Mar20): Imagination and sensitivity are some highlights of the Pisces personality. Is your skin just as sensitive as you are? Try my Pure Hydration serum – with hyaluronic acid, this serum absorbs 1,000 times its weight in water. And the blue color will probably entice your imaginative mind!
  • Aries (Mar21-Apr20): Aries are adventurous and energetic! Use a product that has as much energy as you do – my Triple Shot Serum has caffeine and green tea extract to tighten pores and provide antioxidants that your skin will love.
  • Taurus (Apr21-May21): As a Taurus, you are patient and reliable. Find a product that’s reliable just like you. My KD sunscreens are SPF 50+ and come in both tinted matte and clear options. A patient person like you should have no problem applying sunscreen every day! Protection from the sun is so important to prevent early aging of the skin, so act now to see results later. 
  • Gemini (May22-Jun21): Geminis are youthful and lively! Always the life of the party. Make sure that your skin looks just as youthful as you do by using my Tighten, Tone and Lift body lotion. This lotion helps improve the texture of the skin and reduce signs of aging such as sagging and wrinkles. 
  • Cancer (Jun22-Jul22): Those who are Capricorns are emotional and loving. Make sure that your lips look plump and full when you’re kissing all your loved ones! My High Volume Lip Plumping Amplifier has plumping agents as well as hydrators and SPF 30 to protect. Best of all, it gives your lips a nice pink flush so they look perfectly kissable!
  • Leo (Jul23-Aug21): Leos are creative and enthusiastic! Those around you can see the energy radiating from you, so a product to protect the youthfulness of your eyes should be a priority in your skincare routine. My Revital-Eyes regenerative cream contains retinol to help build collagen back for eyes that are starting to look a bit hollow, as well as arnica to reduce puffiness if you’ve stayed up all night working on your creative projects!
  • Virgo (Aug22-Sep23): Meticulous and reliable. Does that sound like you, Virgos? If so, you probably have no problem sticking to a routine and using products every day. That’s why you should try my Brighten and Tighten Vitamin C serum – using it twice every day will show the best results, which are a bright complexion and glowing skin!
  • Libra (Sep24-Oct23): Libras are super sociable and easygoing – which means you should try a product that’s as chill and refreshing as you are. My Glycolic Wash is strong enough to cleanse the skin daily, but gentle enough to use on any skin type. Using it in the morning will wake you up so you can start your day, and using it before bed will cleanse you so you can sleep soundly with a fresh face. 
  • Scorpio (Oct24-Nov22): Those lucky enough to be Scorpios are powerful and determined. Take charge of your skin just like you take charge in other aspects of your life – try my Diamond Line Refine. This retinol product will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, firm your skin, tighten pores, and reduce signs of aging. Every woman over 30 should be using retinol!
  • Sagittarius (Nov23-Dec22): Being a Sagittarius means you’re intellectual, honest, and optimistic. You probably wake up every day seeing it as a fresh start – so give your skin a refresher with my Perfecting Polish. Use weekly to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate growth of new cells. It also gently cleanses and smells amazing! 

I hope you try my recommendations! Thank you for reading and I’m wishing you a happy and healthy 2018. 

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