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BeautyByDrKay April Newsletter & Specials

Spring is in the air!

Start off the new season with glowing skin and bring the freshness of spring to your face! See Dr. Kay to get that dewy, refreshed look perfect for the new season!

Plant the seed of beautiful flowers and skin!

Gardening is very similar to caring for your skin! You begin with fertilizing and planting the seeds, or in terms of skincare, you begin with healthy collagen (your fertilizer) and a good cleanser (the seeds). A great cleanser for daily use is Dr. Kay’s Glycolic Acid Cleanser, which is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. Glycolic acid works to remove the top layer of skin and fights deep into your skin to keep it bacteria free! Plants need both sunlight and water to grow; your skin needs a good protectant from the sun, like Dr. Kay’s Ultimatte Sun Shield! A great moisturizer to hydrate your skin is also essential for that glowy skin. The skin equivalent of mulch is microneedling! Micronoeedling enriches the skin, much like mulch does. Microneedling induces collagen production by creating micro-injuries on the surface of the skin, which stimulates the body’s healing processes. Microneedling improves acne scars, dark spots, and uneven skin texture. This spring season tend to the garden in your front yard and on your face!

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Florals? For Spring? …Groundbreaking

A bold, graphic eye can take your spring makeup game to the next level. This new season is all about getting that bold, eye-catching look. Experiment with bright eyeshadow, graphic liner, or unexpected pops of color. Take traditional spring colors and make them brighter, bolder, and more stand-out!

Another way to stand out in a crowd is with a bright, bold lip! Experimenting with new lip colors is a great way to spice up your makeup look and can often compliment a natural eyeshadow look. If you are looking to make your lipstick pop even more, give yourself the gift of poutier and more luscious lips with lip filler!

Spring beauty trends don’t just end with your face. Complete your look by bringing that graphic boldness to your nails! Geometric shapes, three dimensional nails, and glitter are all the rave this season. Your nails can be just as much of a statement as your favorite large necklace or graphic tee.

Spring into your most beautiful self!

Chins are easily overlooked, but can really bring together a face. Women tend to have longer and more rounded chins while men have square chins. Having a chin that is the same size as your forehead is an ideal facial proportion. If you find yourself with a more masculine chin consider filler to elongate the face.

Prominent cheekbones are associated with more feminine faces, just ask Angelina Jolie! Women have more fat in their faces than men giving them a more round shape. Some may be blessed with high cheekbones, while others can build up their cheekbones to model-like proportions with filler.

A woman’s lips tend to be more pouty and rounded and larger than the average male’s lips. Men tend to have a larger gap between the base of the nose and the top of the upper lip than women do. If you find your top lip curling in and you just need that extra millimeter of lip, try the Lip Flip, which is just a few units of Botox right around the lips. This relaxes the muscles causing your lip to invert.

April Traits

If you are born in April you might find your personality falls into these categories:

  • Curious/Adventurous: These two traits go hand in hand. Many April babies may find themselves seeking adventure and testing new waters. When presented with a challenge, an April baby not only gladly accepts it, but rises to the occasion.
  • Honest: You can always count on an April baby for the hard truth, whether it be on your outfit or next big decision, an April baby will only be honest. They don’t have time for games and won’t waste your time with sugarcoating.
  • Bold: An April baby isn’t afraid to speak his or her mind. When an April baby doesn’t agree with you, he or she will make sure each opinion is heard.

Deals of the Month

Triple Glow Skincare Special
Triple Shot Serum: Normally $78, now $65

Temple Temptation Special
Temple filler: Normally $850, now $700 

Bridal Beauty Special
Two fillers + an area of Botox: Normally $2000, now $1700

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